Sunday, January 29, 2017

Care Instructions for School Headphones

School Headphones Care Instructions | Learning Headphones ®
If you are like most school teachers that utilize School Headphones in your classroom or library, you might consider some of the best ways to maximize the life span of every pair of headphones you receive. Let's face it, students can be very hard on school equipment of all kinds and headphones are certainly no exception.

Some of the most common complaints about school headphones come as a result of broken equipment or loss of sound in one or both of the speakers. This is because students expose headphones to a great deal of stress and extended use day after day.

There are many different things to consider when purchasing school headphones, school earbuds or school headsets. Regardless of what you decide to get, you want to make the most of every audio learning opportunity. This means taking extra care of all of the equipment including the headphones.

If you have an opportunity, consider creating a list classroom headphone guidelines or best practices that describes the best way to use the headphones and how to best put them away after the lesson or activity has ended. Taking a few extra steps can help reduce accidental damage and help extend the life cycle of each pair of headphones.

This can also help set the expectation with students and ensure they are aware of the best way to handle and care for headphones. Many manufacturers of headphones do offer warranties that cover manufacturer defects. These will not cover misuse or abuse of headphones. For example, this can include cords that have been chewed or pulled which may result in the loss of sound or static interference.

We have created a list to help you stretch your school budget and maximize the life of your school headphones regardless of what model you have or plan on purchasing. You can help make the most of every audio learning activity and reduce the instances of accidental damage.

For an extensive list of tips, click here for School Headphones Care Instructions from Learning Headphones. 

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