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The E-3 School Earbud Series Designed For Education

School Earbud E-3
E-3 Series School Earbud from Califone
at Learning Headphones

The E-3 Earbuds Series Offers Great Support For Hearing In Many Learning Environments
The E-3 series of earbuds from Califone are helpful for many different learning environments. Each of the E-3 earbud sets are designed with various features, but they all work well for providing you with a great setup for helping students to learn. You also do not need to spend a lot of money to get these quality earbuds.

The Basic Points
The E-3 earbuds are very easy to use in any classroom. Let’s look at some of the features of these earbuds that make them special:
  • The ear covers are well-padded and will keep outside noises from being a burden.
  • An in-line volume control system easily helps the user adjust the sound coming through the earbuds.
  • Sturdy plastic materials are used on the physical bodies of the earbuds.
  • Each set comes with an added pair of smaller ear pads. This provides you with two sizes of ear pads for larger and smaller users. It takes only a few seconds for you to switch out the ear pads as demanded.
  • Each earbud set has a cord about three and a half feet in length. These cords are flat to ensure they will not kink, bend, or break apart. The risk of the cords tangling up and stretching is minimal.
  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included on each E-3 earbud set, thus providing you with peace of mind if they stop working within that year.

These features ensure that your earbud set will keep on working well.

What Models Are Available?

You have three options to consider when finding an E-3 earbud set from Califone. Let’s look at what each of these three has to offer so know which model would be the best fit for your classroom.

E-3 School Earbud
The basic model works on a standard 3.5mm jack. These are used for regular needs and will offer a convenient design for most students to utilize. This also has a lightweight body for your basic convenience and control needs.

E-3 School Earbud with Mic
This second option features a microphone setup as well as volume control. The microphone is located on the cord and will pick up the students voice accurately. A single TRRS plug ensures the earbuds and the microphone will both work on the same 3.5mm port.

E-3 School Earbud with USB Plug and Mic
This third choice also has the microphone and volume control, similar to the second option, but has a USB plug instead. The plug quickly provides power to the microphone and earbud features alike. The plug is still light in weight and easy to set up for getting the most out of your sound demands.

What Are Their Values?

The E-3 series earbuds are very affordable sets. The key to selecting the right E-3 earbud for your classroom is to take a look at your device to see if you need the single standard 3.5mm plug or a USB connection. Secondly, deciding if you will be utilizing a microphone. No matter what your demands may be, you will see that the Califone E-3 earbud series are a great choice for your school.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

T-PRO School Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic

School Headset with Noise-Cancelling Microphone
The T-Pro School Headset with Microphone and TRRS Plug is specifically designed to meet standard testing requirements. Just in time for back to school, the T-Pro School Headset is available now at Learning Headphones! It delivers all of the features that teachers and students have come to know and love. Whether you are using a laptop, mobile device, or a desktop computer, this solution is available with two connection types to ensure compatibility with existing school computers and mobile devices. The T-Pro Classroom Headset is available with either a single plug 3.5mm plug, (TRRS) or a USB connection.

The superior speaker drivers help deliver crystal clear sound quality. The ambient noise-cancelling,  goose-neck microphone is adjustable, steel-reinforced and has a wider frequency response range to capture all student responses to learning activities, even at higher and lower frequencies.

Goose-Neck Microphone
The popular "Ambidextrous" goose-neck mic is equipped and designed with a 210 degree swivel range to accommodate both left and right handed students. The noise-reducing ear cup design will help to minimize classroom distractions and noise. This may help provide an opportunity for increased concentration and focus when participating in a learning activity, tests or educational program.

Volume Control and Leatherette Ear Cushions
Another nice feature of the T-Pro Headset for School is the convenient on-ear cup volume control knob that is easy to adjust and can help to eliminate accidental volume changes during testing activities. The ear-cups are soft and made with comfortable leatherette cushions. Teachers love them because they are easy to clean and easy to care for in high use environments.

Chew and Kink Resistant Dura-Cord
One common question we always receive is how can I find a cord that is durable and is resistant to potential chewing? The T-Pro is the ideal solution to this problem. It was created with a Dura-Cord that is chew and kink resistant! It is 5' foot long and provides better mobility when worn compared to other headsets that have a 3' foot cord.

Ideal For Use With Mobile Device Cases
If you plan to get the T-Pro with the TRRS single 3.5mm plug, you will like the slim barrel, 120 degree jack because it makes it easy for audio-jack insertion into devices that are equipped with cases and protective covers.

All in all, the T-Pro is a high quality School Headset designed specifically to meet the requirements of standardized and state mandated testing. You can pick the right connection to ensure it works with your existing computers and devices. If you are interested in learning more about the T-Pro School Headset with Noise-Cancelling Mic or any of the other school headsets we offer, please visit Learning Headphones and discover a wide variety of solutions and options tailored to meet your specific needs.

Learning Headphones | Dedicated To Helping Teachers and Educators
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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Andrea School Headsets Are a Fit For All Classrooms

We hope you have enjoyed the summer! Now that Back To School time is here and autumn is right around the corner, we are going to feature some exciting new options for your students when it comes to school headsets and classroom headsets with a microphone.

Andrea Communications makes some attractive classroom headsets that can be used in your classroom and other learning environments that are comfortable, durable and gained in popularity recently. These headsets are easy to configure and plug into any computer or mobile device with a single TRRS plug. The features that come with each school headset should be reviewed well to give you an idea of what makes these two options special.

Andrea School Headset EDU-255M
Andrea School Headset with Mic

The first of the Andrea series headsets to see is the EDU-255M on-ear stereo school headset. This model works on many computers, but this is designed particularly for mobile devices.

The EDU-255M uses a noise-canceling microphone with an internal windscreen setup all around. The microphone takes in sound well and resists ambient noises and breathing sounds, thus keeping everything read by the unit crisp and clear.

The leatherette ear cushions produce a comfortable surface for the user. The cushions can reduce many outside noises too, thus allowing the listener to stay focused on what is being said through the headset. Don’t forget about how the adjustable headband makes it easier for the headset to fit onto one’s head, allowing the perfect, comfortable fit. An eight-foot cable is included with a four-pin 3.5mm plug featured on the end. The plug fits well onto all major devices, including the MacBook and iPhone among many other portable devices. The TRRS setup on the plug ensures the microphone and headset features work on the same plug without having to use a second port. The wire also has an in-line volume control feature.

As for the technical considerations, the 40mm speakers on the inside of the headset produce a better sound response. These speakers have a deep bass setup that delivers audio quite well. The support included here provides you with a better grip for handling content and hearing things without the sounds being too hard to use.

Andrea School Headset EDU-455M

 Andrea School Headset EDU-455M
The EDU-455M is the second option for you to check out as you look for a quality over-ear headset. This is another option for use on desktop and mobile items alike, as it also comes with a TRRS standard 3.5mm single plug for your use on many computers and mobile devices.

The headset comes with the same 40mm speakers that the 255M comes with. You will not have to sacrifice audio quality for anything when these speakers work. The larger over-the-ear earcups are made of a leatherette material, all of which greatly reduces outside noise, allowing students to stay focused at the task at hand. The larger ear cushions offer a better fit and can also be easily washed.
The microphone on this model comes with an internal windscreen. You can move the microphone up and down on the headset depending on whether it is needed or not. Fortunately, the microphone only takes in the most noticeable noises that someone intentionally produces.

The dual headband on this headset is a noteworthy feature to spot. The design is adjustable to fit anyone’s head. The opening on the headband allows for a good fit to allow air to move around, thus keeping the user from feeling hot or overheated while using the headset.

An in-line volume control feature is found on the main wire. The control helps to establish a better experience in hearing things without having to adjust the volume setting directly on the computer screen. This is a vital feature for use when you consider how well the volume control setting works for managing content in any situation.

Which Works For You?

Both of these Andrea Communications headphones are useful for student use. The EDU-255M is helpful for when you need something a little smaller in size, but the EDU-455M may work well for heavy duty needs when the thicker and larger pads are considered. But the features on these two headsets are similar in many other ways.

The Andrea series headsets can work well for any mobile device. These headsets are outstanding and can be an amazing addition to your classroom and will provide a great experience for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you are needed just a few school headsets or need to procure enough for your entire district, we can help you find exactly what you need. We work with schools around the country and we have tailored solutions that are compatible with existing school equipment and devices. We also work directly with technology integration staff to ensure the products are the right solution for your students. You can procure a trial pair of school headsets with a microphone or school headphones to test. This helps eliminate the chance of receiving a solution that is not compatible with your current setup.

Our goal is to make the process quick and simple so you can get back to the other important things that are on your to-do list. We accept purchase orders and provide a W-9 form if required. We can also provide tax exemptions for eligible entities, please include this with your purchase order. We also offer volume and education discounts depending on the product and quantity.

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Koss UR5 School Headphones at Learning Headphones

If you have been looking for affordable over the ear school headphones just in time for back to school, consider the Koss UR5 Silver Headphones that are designed to deliver stereo sound and ensure a comfortable fit for students in different age groups. Affordable school headphones are sometimes hard to find, these are a great solution for learning environments like classrooms, computer labs, study labs and libraries. These headphones are compatible with computers and mobile devices because they are equipped with a standard 3.5mm plug.

These School Headphones have an adjustable headband and soft foam ear pads that deliver stereo sound. They are now available at Learning Headphones and just in time for back to school. If you would like to test out a trial pair prior to purchase, please connect with our friendly customer care team. Our goal is to make the procurement process quick and easy.

We offer education and volume discounts and we accept purchase orders. Check out the video below. If you have any questions, please know that our friendly team can help. Simply send us a message or give us a call toll free at 1-888-294-1032. Our fax number is 425-460-0078. If you are tax exempt, please include a copy of your certificate.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Summer Learning Ideas from Learning Headphones

If you have ideas that you like to do with your students and children that can help prevent summer learning loss, please share with us in the comments. We want to help share ideas that will enable kids to retain as much of that knowledge as possible that they spent the entire school year learning.

We sincerely hope you have a safe and fun summer vacation.

Friday, June 15, 2018

How to Prevent Summer Learning Loss In Kids

It is no surprise that kids are likely to lose some of the things that they learned during the long summer vacation season. The good news is that kids don’t have to struggle with forgetting lots of things if the right moves are made to help kids prevent summer learning loss. You can encourage parents to use a few ideas to help their kids keep what they have learned during the school season. We hope these are helpful in helping you prevent the dreaded summer learning loss in your children.

Offer Learning Sessions Each Day
The first idea is to plan daily learning sessions to help kids retain what they have learned. Learning sessions are popular in that kids can spend around 15 to 30 minutes in a day studying and learning new things of value to them. Kids can spend this time reading things, learning new words, watching instructional videos, and much more. It only takes a brief bit of time each day for kids to learn more and to keep them from forgetting the things they learned in the past school year. There are several ideas online on how you can create a plan and most importantly, make it fun.

Encourage Kids to Write
Writing is a fun thing for kids to do. Kids can come up with practically anything if they just put their minds to it. Parents should encourage their kids to write for a few minutes each day. Let them create their own stories if they want. Kids can use writing to stimulate their minds and to use new words of all sorts. This may work well for kids who struggle with certain grammatical or English skills. Writing is a great way to get children to continue to express their feelings and creativity during the summer months while away from school.

Head To Fun Educational Places
Kids will be surprised at how fun places that are educational can be. A library will have many activities for kids during the summer season, including ones where kids can learn about interesting subjects. Meanwhile, various museums and other popular sites around a local area may have some interesting exhibits and activities for kids to take part in. Take a look at your local community calendars, there are a lot of summer time activities that can be found with little to no cost which is a bonus for those on a tight budget.

Enjoy Cooking
Cooking is great as it not only helps kids to learn about how to prepare foods but also works with many math skills in mind. The process of measuring foods and mixing things correctly requires strict mathematical precision. Kids will learn more about how to handle math-related concepts while having fun when they are cooking at home. This also helps to create more family bonding time while getting to share some good conversation and deeper connections on what their child may be thinking about.

Have a Family Game Night
A family game night is an event where everyone can enjoy playing fun games including word games, board games, and many others. Such games help kids to build upon their English skills or their reasoning efforts. You might also consider creating and making a new game together. This allows children to utilize their planning and building skills to create their very own game.

Teach Kids About Money
Most kids might not know too much about money just yet, but parents can help them learn about money during the summer by educating them about how it works. Parents can share things on the stock market with them or on how purchases can be made. Kids will not only learn valuable life skills when they see more about how money works, but they will also develop their math skills. More importantly, kids will see what it means to be responsible with their money, thus helping them to make smart decisions over how they will use it. This is a skill that is not always taught early enough in school and helping to create a good concept of financial accountability at an early age will have benefits that last a lifetime.

Head Out on a Day Trip
It is true that bringing kids out on a vacation to a fun historic site or a new place of interest might be fun and worthwhile. Kids can learn about history and unique cultures in the places that they visit. But parents do not necessarily have to go too far out of their way to enjoy a good trip. Parents can schedule a day trip that will take their kids out to a local space that may be interesting to them.
A day trip can entail heading out to a local museum or historic site of note. This could also entail attending a special event that features something unique like a cultural event promoted by a local organization. Anything that you attend can be fun and intriguing, but it should be something worth trying out no matter what you might be interested in. There are several forums and sites online that allow families to plan a trip together. This can help with the overall experience and potentially allow your children to make some new friends.

All of these ideas are valuable for when parents are aiming to help kids with learning and to keep them from losing what they have learned during the summer season. Be sure to try these out when seeing how well kids can learn new things of value to them. If you have a fun and creative way to help prevent summer learning loss, please share your ideas in the comments.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

4 Things To Consider When Buying School Headphones

When it comes to selecting school headphones, school headsets, school earbuds it can be a challenge to know exactly what is right for you and determine what to purchase for your students. In many classrooms, headphones are used as part of audio learning activities with a wide array of applications that have different equipment and compatibility requirements. Our team has compiled a helpful list that we hope will save you time finding exactly what you need.

Here are 4 things to consider when buying school headphones & school headsets.

1. Are They Age Appropriate?

Because there are so many different sizes and styles of school headphones available, you should always be sure the headphone models you select are age appropriate for the students who will be using them. Pick a style that is comfortable and easy for students to adjust & wear. If you have a question about a specific model, you can contact our team at Learning Headphones and our friendly staff would be happy to help.

2. What Design Do You Have in Mind?
Today there are several new models and styles that have come on to the market. That makes it is easier to find a design that fits your students and learning environment. You can choose from different designs depending on the planned audio learning initiatives. Many of the new headphones are designed with small ear pieces and headbands. These allow for a snug yet comfortable fit. Others have wide headbands and bigger ear pieces that help to cover the students. This can be helpful in blocking out unwanted background noise and distractions. If students will be using online communication apps or language learning tools, choose a good school headset that includes a microphone for interactive communication.

3. What is your school budget?
School budgets can vary from year to year. It is a good idea to know ahead of time what you would like to spend for each student or pair as you begin your search for the perfect school headphone or school headset solution. If you are going to making a large school or district wide purchase, you may qualify for a volume discount. Volume discounts are beneficial in bringing the cost down and allow you to get premium school headphones that deliver premium sound and durability. The Learning Headphones team is happy to work with you and we offer free quotes.

4. Are They Compatible with the School’s Equipment & Devices?
Most schools have several different devices. What is compatible with one of your computers, may not be compatible with tablets and other mobile devices. Be sure to check compatibility with your devices before making a purchase. One example, a popular connection on new laptops, tablets and smartphones include a TRRS adapter that connects a single 3.5mm plug to both the microphone and headphone. A standard 3.5 mm adapter works with most devices that have a standard headphone input. You can also choose from, USB, Dual Plug and Multi-plug options that enable cross compatibility with multiple devices and computers. This can help you get what you need the first time and avoid the hassle of returns.

For more information, please visit give us a call or send us an email today! We accept school purchase orders and work with organizations from around the world to deliver the right solutions for school audio and classroom technology. We are dedicated to helping teachers and educators. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and watch some of our videos on YouTube! Thank you for visiting our blog, have a great day!