Friday, February 15, 2013

Make the switch to Wireless Headphones for School

Are you an educator who has considered or thought about getting wireless headphones for your school or classroom but the cost has just been too high? Now might be the right time to make the switch. With constant cord tangles, risk for tripping and students accidentally pulling or damaging cords, wireless school headphones are more attractive and an excellent solution to eliminate these hassles.

Why is now a good time you may ask? We are dedicated to helping parents and teachers and for a very limited time, we have cut the price substantially. Here is an opportunity to try a wire free solution and save big. For $36.00, the IR-10set is a Wireless School Headphones Set that comes with one wireless infrared headphone and a USB adapter  Plug this into your PC or Mac and eliminate the cord! A power adapter for this model is not required because the USB adapter will provide the power.

Another bonus, right now you can add another wireless school headphone for only $25.00. The best part is they also have the capability to connect to the same audio source. This is great for group learning settings where you have several students connecting to the same computer. Students love them and they are perfect for classrooms and libraries.

You can also select the Wireless Student Headphones IR-20 set for only $50.00. This is an upscale model that is sleek and popular with both teachers and students. It comes with one Wireless Infrared Headphone, one USB adaptor and one AC power adaptor. You can also add another pair for only $35.00. Again, you can cut the cord, eliminate tripping hazards and give students more freedom to move around when they are utilizing audio learning programs and apps.

Our goal is to bring affordable classroom technology solutions to your school and allow you to stretch your budget as far as possible without sacrificing quality. If you have been considering wireless school headphones, take advantage now before this deal is gone.

If you are hesitant, and not sure if this solution will work for you, we have a hassle free return policy that will allow you to test them without risk of being left with something that will not work for your hardware and devices.

We work with teachers, schools and libraries around the country. We accept purchase orders and we also offer educational discounts. We make the process as easy as possible so you can focus on your curriculum and students and not spend countless hours searching for a solution that was designed for educational use. If you would like more information, please visit us at We hope you have a great weekend! 

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