Friday, April 3, 2015

Headphones in The Classroom for Education

Headphones are increasingly becoming an essential tool in every teacher’s classroom. They are required for many types of modern testing. In addition to that, they allow teachers the ability to introduce new and exciting technology into the classroom, as well as new ways to have fun. In this article we will discuss the various ways that learning headphones and earbuds are used in today’s technologically advanced educational environment.
Early Learning Activities
There are several different learning styles that a teacher must learn to cater to if they are going to reach their students equally. Some learners are visual learners, others may be tactile learners, while others still are auditory learners. Young students especially are known to benefit from and enjoy the addition of extra visual and auditory stimuli in the classroom. Many teachers today are using things like tablets with a variety of apps like virtual storybooks, illustrated or interactive math problems, guided reading, and more. However, can you imagine a classroom of 20 tablets all blaring at once? An environment like that isn’t conducive to anyone’s learning ability. For that reason, most teachers who use these types of technology and programs also use school headphones. Headphones allow students of all ages to access a wider variety of learning materials, while still keeping the classroom a quiet and non-distracting environment.
Special Needs
Some special needs children will have sensitivities to external, sensory stimuli. For these students, headphones are a crucial component to a peaceful, enjoyable and successful school experience. In these instances, it is recommended that educators purchase over-ear, comfortable, noise cancelling headphones. The muffling of noise allows special needs students to remain focused and helps to keep them from being overwhelmed by noisy places in school like the cafeteria, gym or even in the classroom itself. These types of headphones still allow the child to hear when someone is talking to them, but they lower the volume of the background noise around them.
Just having fun!
Education headphones don’t have to be all serious, though. Sometimes they can be a great resource to let kids blow off steam! Letting kids do fun things like have a music break, watch a movie as a reward or have silent dance parties helps to keep the learning environment fun and laid back.
Whatever your reason using them, headphones are sure to make a great addition to the toolbox of all teachers and educators!
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