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Headphones Supplementing Auditory Learning

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Each child is unique in their own way and nurturing the potential untapped in each individual kid is indispensable to fostering a learning environment. What works for one child might not work for others. Today’s technological ├ęclat has made it easier to transform a learning environment and make it more children friendly.

Defying the tradition old era of paper, an increasing number of schools are making auditory learning an integral part of their curriculum. Audio books, rhymes and songs, oral recitations, and informative video lectures, engage the linguistic learners and cater to the needs of each child while promising better retention.  

Weaving Headphones into the Picture

Once you assemble significant resources to aid your students’ scholastic capabilities, a question lingers; how to thwart noise intrusion in the classroom? The mainstream routine of the teacher booming out loud over the secretive buzz of competitive sounds, to reach the ears of each and every student is fast waning. A study has proven that for the teacher’s words to be effective, the voice has to be 10 Db louder than the ambient noise. With headphones, even hard hearing students or back benchers can now comprehend the learning material and compete evenly with other learners. Headphones are a brilliant way to cancel background noise and enable individual kids to work on their projects and class work without disrupting other classmates. Often, the ability to concentrate on the tests and projects can mean all the difference between acing exams or not. A Kidz Phonz headset with inline Mic ensures children can fully perceive their material and receive no hearing obstruction.

What Kidz Phonz Headsets have to Offer

Kidz Phonz has an array of funky child friendly headsets that offer quality and comfort. Students love educational headphones that designed for comfort and feel a level of independence in their learning pace. Available in Blue, Yellow, Gray and Pink colors, these durable headsets light up the classroom. The 4 ft nylon cable means that the students can move about and not have to glue their eyes to the screen. Compatible with laptops, tablets and mobile, it creates great versatility in the teaching arena.

Volume Control

Prolonged use of headsets, synonymous with auditory learning, endangers children’s hearing and therefore choosing the right headset is crucial to ear health. Kidz Phonz headset features volume control that ensures the volume stays under the internationally recognized range, no matter how loud the song is.

In-Line Mic

Education has become multidimensional and many erudition applications are interactive. The in-line Mic alleviates the need to purchase separate mics for interactive sessions and makes for a real-time learning environment. Simulating a tutoring session, this will greatly help students with their math and language aptness.

Flexible Design

Comfort is paramount when it comes to children and therefore when choosing headphones for children, special attention must be paid to its design. Swivel ear cups, featured in the Kidz Phonz headset, protect the child’s ear and promises a fit so they don’t fall off. 

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  1. Using headphones was pretty much an integral part of learning how to use computers in elementary school. I remember that we would all put in our headphones and play games that taught us how to use the computers. It was really cool back then, but now technology has advanced exponentially. I can't even imagine how many things kids may be learning in school about computers and technology. I think it would be awesome to be able to go sit in on some of those lessons to see.