Thursday, September 17, 2015

iPads Enter Elementary School

Elementary School iPads
Integrating technology seamlessly in education has become indispensable in this IT driven era. Schools that fail to comply endanger the productivity and success of their students. The pen and paper setup of old times are not effective anymore. With the need to master foreign languages, attain fluency of conversation and the emphasis on auditory learning, studies have proven a correlation between communication technologies and education.
Researcher Howard Gardner presented his theory of multiple intelligences wherein he portrayed that cognitive abilities can be measured in more than one nontraditional ways. He proposed an individual centered school structure where the diverse cognitive strengths and styles of each student are recognized and nourished accordingly. Contrary to the orthodox brick and mortar classroom setup, incorporating technology in the classroom enables the teachers to assess their students’ aptness in a myriad ways, in contrast to a fixed IQ test.
Gardner’s theory paves way for the use of internet-based applications and lectures in the classroom. Each student learns at their own pace and in their own way, and thus the concept of multiple intelligences and brain compatible learning must be kept in mind.
Technology is seen as a reinforcement of critical skills and various educational websites and applications expedite learning in the classroom. In terms of the technology boom, the iPad is making waves in advancing elementary school education.

Thanks to a plethora of educational applications available on iPads, students can be more engaged than ever and this changed student’s attitude towards learning is nurturing their abilities. Different applications cater to diverse student needs and ensure increased productivity.

Once you recognize the learning style of individual students, choosing the right application becomes a piece of cake. We have rounded up some iPad educational applications that will boost the motivation in elementary school kids:
  • Alien Equation allows students to be creative and create their own equations.
  • Doodle Buddy flourishes imagination by allowing the students to draw on the iPad.
  • Nova Elements demonstrates science demos and activities.
  • Motion Math Zoom’s stretchable number line is always missing numbers and it is up to your student to fill it up.
  • Vocabulary Matching helps your students remember their verbs.
  • Same Sound Spellbound is a great app to teach homophones.
  • Counting Caterpillar uses visuals to supplement counting.
Elementary class children are noisy; no surprises for an elementary school teacher there! In order to foster a tranquil learning environment and to save your classroom from turning in to a Turkish bazaar, Elementary school headphones are a must buy for students. Plugged in ears allows for better concentration and keeps students from being diverted from ambient noises. Compatible with iPads, learning headphones are designed for sensitive children’s ear and recognizes that loud sounds can permanently impair kids hearing. With the option of volume control and the cancellation of background noises, these elementary school headphones are designed and individually tested to be safe for children.
The adjustable headband and comfortable ear pads provides maximum comfort so your students are not disrupted. Their affordable cost ensures you provide the best for your students without stretching your school budget unnecessarily.
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