Saturday, September 19, 2015

Preparing your Classroom for Back to School

Back to School - Preparing your Classroom
Yesterday I saw a tweet that said kids shouldn’t need to get ready for back to school, schools should be ready for kids when they arrive back to school. This was an interesting perspective and one that would be easier if education was better funded.

As a result of tight budgets, teachers are getting extremely creative when it comes to preparing their classroom. In some cases, using social media to find and share their ideas for back to school preparation. The game has changed when it comes to decorating and creating a fun learning environment for students. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, you can find so many amazing ideas for teachers on a budget. It is a lot of fun doing searches with the hashtag #backtoschool or #back2school. The number of ideas you can find is endless and fun to do too!

We have come a long way from just seeing the alphabet on the wall with some chalkboards and a calendar. Do any of you remember those days? This kind of enthusiasm can be exciting for many because students love being in a comfortable learning environment and this can also help students enjoy their time spent in the classroom more.

Many of larger projects and initiatives are teacher funded or even crowd funded using Donor’s Choose campaigns which enable teachers with the ability to share their project and securing funding to bring in classroom supplies. They include technology, covering student travel expenses for field trips or obtain the educational project supplies they need to create a successful learning experience.

Teachers give so much to our students and sacrifice so much. This can be a great way to help support your favorite school, teacher or project. Sometimes you can find projects where others will match your donation.

With so many new and exciting ways to prepare your classroom for students, it doesn't even compare to what was available 5 or 10 years ago. Here are some ideas I came across that I liked:
  1. Make fun name tags for each student so they can start getting to know others upon arrival
  2. Create a toss game for the first day that tells something interesting about their summer
  3. Personalize a folder for each student that gives them a special place to store their assignments
  4. Ask the students to share their favorite thing about coming back to school
  5. Create a map and tour of the classroom and point out where everything they need can be stored and found
If you have ideas that you would like to share, please tell us in the comments. Also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

We hope everyone gets to enjoy the rest of the summer and has a wonderful school year ahead.

- Sienna Smith

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