Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Search is on for Back to School Headphones

Headphones for Back to School

The new school year for some has already started. For others, the summer is quickly coming to an end and going back to school is right around the corner. This means parents, students, teachers and educators are extremely busy getting everything ready for the new school year ahead.
Part of the preparation for teachers and educators is determining what technology and supplies will be needed to make the year as successful as possible. This includes making sure the right learning tools and equipment is available to students and ensure you are 100% ready for the upcoming learning initiatives and education plans. One aspect of this is making sure you have the right school headphones and school headsets for your curriculum and student testing. 

Now the search is on for the best way to equip your students with an option that is functional, delivers quality sound and doesn’t break the school district budget. This can be a daunting task with so many new models of headphones combined with new technology being introduced. Often times the plugs and adapters are utilized for different computers and mobile devices including tablets and  smart phones. This can create even more of a challenge if you are searching for different solutions for different education activities or subject matter. 

A good place to start is to take inventory of the technology that your school or district will be utilizing this year. The next step is to get a general idea of the quantity of school headphones, school earbuds and school headsets you need before placing an order. This way you can be prepared before you set out to find a solution that will work for you.

Often times you can save money by placing a larger order and another benefit is that you save on shipping with larger orders. You will often find that free shipping is available for bigger orders. Some schools do have purchasing departments within the district that can help consolidate and collect these requirements for teachers, however, many teachers don’t have that luxury and the alternative can be quite time consuming. This can be an even bigger challenge during this time of year when there so many other things that need to be completed and accounted for.
Below are some additional tips and resources that were created to help already busy teachers discover the headphones, earbuds and headsets they need for their students.

1.       Try to combine your order with other teachers, classes and schools within your district. This can help you obtain the best pricing once you are prepared to place your order.

2.       Find a company that accepts purchase orders. This may sound obvious but this can be helpful for teachers or educators that do not use credit cards to obtain school assets. This also helps to ensure fast shipment for orders that might have tight deadlines.

3.       Stretch your budget! There are several new quality options and models available at lower prices than some of the name brand education headphones on the market. Every dollar counts and there are companies that are working to help make educational headphones more affordable.

We hope you found this information valuable and helpful. For a wide selection of school headphones, please visit our site by clicking our logo below!

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