Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blended Learning in Schools

In the 21st century, education has taken on a technological disposition along with every other aspect of life. Blended learning is an innovative teaching concept that combines the best of both face-to-face and online learning. It is a rapidly growing instructional model that addresses the challenges of student progress and expectations of the breakneck era. It provides accelerated learning opportunities for students that extend beyond the classroom and provides enrichment of capabilities.

Blended learning can be implemented in 3 ways:

1.    Digital Lectures:

The internet is a galaxy of knowledge. Lectures are at the core of classroom teaching but with a plethora of digital lecture videos online at platforms such as Udemy, Coursera and edX, teachers may choose to show these to students to supplement class lectures and facilitate better concepts of the subject matter.

The United States Department of Education proved that blended learning promises better results than classroom lectures standalone. Assessing students’ perceptions of their preferred instructional environment plays an integral role in developing coaching that motivates students to achieve desired learning outcomes.

2.    Educational Websites:
Different students have diverse learning potentials and various modes of learning. Educational websites incorporate relevant animations and games that strengthen concepts and weave innovation and creativity in education. As opposed to the drab classroom lectures, teachers could allow the students to engage with these websites, hear animated video lectures, and play interactive games that prompted responses.

For example, “Litpick” provides electronic books for 4th – 12th graders, “” provides opportunities for students to learn foreign language and cultures, “Math playground” packs fun filled math games, “spelling Time” contains fun quizzes and games to increment vocabulary and “shepherd software” provides US geography games and many more websites.

3.    Remote Lectures:

Video conferencing is helping schools achieve academic goals. Various educators broadcast lectures for students to see and benefit from all over the globe. When students see that what they are learning has a real world cause, the motivation for learning soars.

Hearing from subject matter experts is a bridge between classroom education and its real life implications.  Inviting guest lecturers to school can be costly but Guest lecturers shown online in class can really boost up learning in students.

Implementing Blended Learning in the Classroom
If your school is thinking out of the box to enrich the learning environment of students, blended learning is the way to a new start. Computers, wide bandwidth, and headphones are all the equipment needed to implement a constructive learning lab in the classroom.

Headphones are indispensable to this mode of learning as students are not apt to concentrate on the online study material due to exposure with ambient sounds. Headphones also facilitate clear sounds so that every student gets equal learning opportunity.

If you want to purchase headphones for the classroom, supplies classroom headphones designed specifically for your educational needs. The classroom headphone packs come in sets so that you are alleviated of the need to buy individual pieces for students.

High quality stereo sound is ideal for a boisterous classroom environment so that students can concentrate on their tasks without disturbance. The headphones are packed in a durable case so that once the students are done with the activity; you can pack these headphones right back in. adjustable headbands and leatherette ear cushions provide maximum comfort and make for a best fit for any ear size.

If you are purchasing a large quantity for your school or district, you may qualify for an educational discounts. We work with you to ensure you get the highest quality for the best price. Discover the classroom headset that will work best for your situation.

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