Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Importance of Language Labs at School

In today’s media savvy era, the success of students after graduation depends as much on their knowledge as their ability to communicate with their peers cross culturally around the world. Teaching foreign languages at school level, such as Spanish, German, and French, is thus a crucial step to drill effective conversational skills in students.

In addition to the verbal mode of teaching, many schools are incorporating auditory learning as an integral part of the curriculum. It is believed that implementation of proper technology would greatly benefit the students to practice and master foreign languages. Language labs were thus introduced, which allow students to work individually on the audio materials supplied from a central console, controlled by the teacher. These “language” labs permit students to watch videos, listen to voice recordings and experience firsthand pronunciations of foreign words through their school ear buds and school headphones.

In addition, these audio lectures provide great flexibility as students can pause and rewind anytime they are unable to comprehend something. This caters to the diverse learning curves of individual students and promises better retention as the students are able to work at their own pace.

Using ear buds allows the students to work in tranquility without any distraction from ambient noises. Most students are reticent when it comes to articulating a new language in public. Working in isolation, when learning a foreign language, takes away the factor of embarrassment since other students can’t hear them and makes the student more confident in his skills.  Plugged in ears allow for better concentration on the learning material and makes comprehension easier. For instance, if you are trying to get a student to listen to a foreign language tutorial over the buzz of voices and distractions, he’ll never be able to hear properly and make sense of it.

When technologically furnishing a language lab the choice of ear buds is a vital decision as the entire student’s learning relies upon the ability to hear and process information while cancelling out background sounds.

We recommend School Earbud-AE 215 , which are designed and tested for education, as a viable choice for your school’s language lab because:

•    It incorporates silicon tips to reduce the backdrop of voices and thus nurtures a suitable learning environment.

•    Discomfort is another factor that can disrupt learning. Since different students have dissimilar ear sizes, ear buds that don’t fit properly can be a nuisance. When purchasing ear buds in bulk, it is obligatory to feature a pair that features soft silicone ear pads for added comfort.

•    School Ear Buds provides a high quality stereo sound so that students have a better comprehension of the learning material.

•    A 5 ft long chord doesn’t necessitate the students to glue their eyes to the screen and permits greater ease of movement.

•    Affordable cost allows schools to purchase in bulk without overflying their budget.

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