Saturday, October 10, 2015

Music Aids Student Learning

Music Aids Student Learning | Reduces Distractions

A class is full of Meta cognitive students who when left to their own devices, contend that listening to music greatly supplements productivity in individual tasks. Many students make a compelling argument that soothing music helps them concentrate better and aids focus. The teachers don’t have it in them to deny their students the boost and motivation afforded by music. Through consent by parents, it could set a higher standard at school.

Music is exercise for the brain and delays the aging of the mind as we progress chronologically, ensuring a sharper memory and improved cognitive abilities. Our brain preserves rhythms and vibrations associated with music for a long time and listening to the same song again brings back neurological patterns and old memories. An increasing number of students prefer to listen to music while studying as it promises better retention.

Researchers have speculated that music puts students in a heightened state of mind, which makes them more receptive to information. A research team at the “Stanford University School of Medicine” gained valuable insight into the functioning of the brain and provided conclusive evidence that music engages parts of the brain responsible for paying attention and updating news in long-term memory. Music is known to increase IQ, improve test scores, reduce chances of error, and employ both parts of the brain for effective learning.

The intentional use of music in classrooms would foster a student-friendly learning atmosphere. Music can be made a part of the joy of learning and teachers should strive to orchestrate a rich and resonant classroom environment that provides learners with a symphony of learning opportunities.
Dr. Georgi Lozanov goes as far as to say that the use of background music in the classroom is a cornerstone of accelerated learning. Additionally, the memorization of dull facts, figures, and numbers can be improved through rhyming and tune.

When a student is required to work in seclusion, such as during individual projects or class work, students prefer listening to music as a distraction from ambient sounds. Music also enhances spatial intelligence, by which a student can intuitively visualize elements that go together. This greatly aids them finding solutions to intricate math problems, creating new ideas or focus on the work due them.
To nurture such an environment, teachers are required to incorporate school headphones as part of the class supply list. Integrating stereo headphones in the class setup would avert a cacophony of sounds that would otherwise ensue, and prevents the students from being disrupted by the musical preferences of other students.

When selecting the right headphones for your classroom, care must be exercised with regard to hygiene and ear health. High quality stereo sound is indispensable to ensure enhanced performance. Adjustable plastic durable headband and soft vinyl padding ensures maximum comfort so students can pay attention to their tasks.

A long cord will not keep students glued to one place; it will provide freedom of movement. If your aim is to maximize comfort of students while being easy on the pockets, Education headphones by are the right choice for your school.

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