Friday, November 20, 2015

Wireless Learning with a Bluetooth Media Player and Listening Center

As technology evolves, teachers are looking for wireless learning solutions that help reduce all the wires in the classroom. Are you a teacher or educator that would like to add clean, safe and tangle-free headphones in your classroom? A Wireless listening center is an exciting solution over ordinary listening systems where bunch of wires need to be adjusted. They play a great role in educating students in a much better way. It also helps in enhancing their interest in learning something new. Thus, improves their learning skills.

You must have listening center which is designed and developed to withstand the different listening needs of the classroom. It must provide high quality sound and must works excellently to fit the classroom demands. From the plenty of listening center, Hamilton Buhl is taken as the best choice for the classroom use.

Hamilton Buhl listening center includes wireless Bluetooth transmitter, media player and wireless headphones. It supports all kind of reading activities, language programs and similar learning sessions where listening is required. It comes with 6 wireless headphones that mean 6 persons can access a single listening system simultaneously. Therefore, such listening center is considered the perfect solution for classroom where number of students needs to use headphones at the same time.

It works by connecting wireless transmitter to the portable media player with Bluetooth capability. The transmitter connects to the wireless headphones through the FM signal. The Bluetooth transmitter allows students to enjoy their lessons without any additional steps. This makes it an ideal choice for all types of multimedia lab and classroom applications.

The portable Bluetooth media player can be used to access both old and latest technologies. It can play CDs, cassettes and FM radio. Its Bluetooth capability makes it able to connect wirelessly with the tablet, Smartphone, computer or any mobile device that supports Bluetooth function. You can even use media player from non-Bluetooth devices using the AUX IN jack.

Students can complete a variety of activities such as worksheets, questions, reading passages etc. using the listening center in order to make the learning process more fun and interesting.

The complete listening center comes with lockable carrying case that can accommodate six wireless headphones and one wireless transmitter. It allows you to keep the listening center safely stored when not in use to avoid any kind of external and internal damage.

Give students a better learning experience using the perfect wireless listening center. Allow students to be part of their learning sessions with great efficiency and increased interest. 

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