Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wireless Learning with a Wireless Listening Center

Wireless Learning with a Wireless Listening Center

Wireless Learning with a Wireless Listening system is widely used in schools and businesses to give highly effective listening solution to the students and employees at any corner of the room. It gives you an opportunity to avoid traces of wires when several headphones are used in a single room. As per the frequencies, these headphones can also be used even outside the room. The main aim of such system is to deliver quality, efficient and comfortable way as compared to traditional wired listening connections.

It is very obvious that nobody likes to move around the room through the messy wires. Also, it does not look good when you enter into a room and observe bunch of unorganized wires. A Wireless Listening System is designed to give safe, clean and well-organized place wherever it is used. Using wireless headphones give the best solution to enjoy your learning session without any hassle. Also, you do not need to sit at a fix place in a room to avoid getting trap in the wires. The wireless headphones allow you to use such listening system anywhere within the room.

Now, it is the right time to add new technology in the school to give students a comfortable learning environment that helps them in keeping their interest in the studies. You will find variety of listening center available at varied prices that work without using any wire. They come with wireless transmitter and wireless headphones that allow several students to access listening system at the same time.

Such type of wireless listening system offered by Hamilton Buhl is highly simple and easy to use. You require connecting the wireless transmitter to the analog audio source with the help of 1/8" stereo plug. It transmits the sound to the wireless headphones through the FM signal. Its maximum transmission range is 300 feet. It consists of 12 wireless headphones that allow 12 students to be part of the listening session simultaneously. You will also get storage case where you can store your listening center safely.

It works on four different frequencies that can be selected as per your needs. Not only this, you can also add additional transmitters that help you to enjoy 4 different audio channels at the same time. The system gives an ideal solution for all multimedia and classroom applications.

Just enjoy superb quality sound and excellent listening experience without any wire or interference. It must be a part of all types of classrooms where listening with headphones is required.

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