Friday, February 22, 2019

Flex-Phones™ Foam Headphones for Students

Looking for elegant, safe, soft and flexible headphone for your students? You don't need to look any further when you choose these school headphones made with soft material like foam as the earbuds that give high level of comfort to students.  They provide an increased comfort level over other models because they do not feel tight on their soft ears. With increased focus on quality and safety, for products used in the classroom, these are sure to impress teachers and educators.

These classroom headphones work effectively in reducing the background noise and allow kids to focus on their learning activities and listen their stories and music without any unwanted distractions. It helps in increasing their interest in the lesson or game and they do not spread the sound to others around the user.

Young students ears are very sensitive, so they need school headphones that create a highly comfortable and safe listening experience. There is no doubt, you will find wide range of headphones in the market which are designed exclusively for kids use. But, they are not all created equally and enable a comfortable fit that allows them to enjoy their listening activity.

Hamilton Buhl Flex-Phones
are made with EVA foam, which is considered as the perfect solution for children of 3 and up. EVA foam is safe, non-toxic, chemical free and highly flexible material which is widely used for making kids toys. These headphones are available with extension band to give great comfy to the smaller children.

They give high quality clear sound with the maximum range of 85 decibels. It consists of a standard 3.5mm stereo plug and works perfectly on the frequency range from 20Hz - 20KHz. Its extension wire comes with 4' cord length. Apart from red color, they are also available in black and blue that can be chosen as per the kid’s choice. Kids will sure love to wear headphones in their favorite color.
The main aim of manufacturing such flexible headphones is to take care of sensitive ears of young students. They are designed and developed to meet all major USA and international child safety testing standards. These Flex Phones have also been awarded as the ‘Best headphones of 2015’ based on the high recommendations of academic teachers.

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