Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Innovative Audio Learning with the Advanced School Headset


With new innovative audio learning software and apps hitting the market every month, you might be looking for high quality school headphones or school headsets for your students. You will want to consider their comfort, ease-to-use, volume capacity and noise isolating ability. Students need headphones that allow them to take audio learning lessons without any external distraction. Also, their headsets should be comfortable enough that they are able to wear them for a longer time.

Just buying any available school headset is not really a good idea. To provide students with an innovative audio learning environment, having an advanced school headset with all essential features and compatibility should be your primary concern. In a classroom where numbers of students are using headphones for audio learning activities, and advanced school headset can help them to focus on their learning without classroom distractions around them.

You will find that school headsets with a microphone enables students to be able to listen clearly, but also make them able to speak and communicate with others. Many language learning programs utilize school headsets during the activity. They are ideal to keep track of your pronunciation and help you to examine their learning level.

Getting the appropriate school headsets equipped with comfort and clarity will be sure encourage the student to concentrate on his or her learning experience.

Choose an innovative audio learning solution that teachers and students trust with the Advanced School Headset with microphone. It can easily be connected to mobile devices using a single headphone jack. This will allow you to use the headset individually in any educational environment. They are specifically designed for educational use and adjustable which makes them ideal for students of different age groups.

Incorporating the latest audio technology in the classroom gives students the best possible audio learning experience. The Advanced School Headset is available in Blue, Orange, White, and Green. It come with a TRRS plug of 3.5mm that is compatible with iPad, Chromebook, Smartphone, Laptops and other devices that have single TRRS plugs. It is equipped with a 6-foot cord for increased mobility, easy to adjust flexible microphone and soft vinyl ear pads for comfortable fit.

If you would like more information, please visit our site at LearningHeadphones.com. We are dedicated to helping teachers and educators find affordable school headphone and school headset solutions. We accept purchase orders and offer education and volume discounts. You can call toll free 1-888-294-1032 or email customercare@learningheadphones.com to reach our friendly team if you have any questions.

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  1. The Advanced School Headset from www.LearningHeadphones.com is available in Orange, Green and White and purchase orders are accepted. These are an ideal solution for language learning and mobile device learning apps.