Monday, February 29, 2016

The New Trios™ Multimedia School Headset
With desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, teachers and educators now have a wide range of devices that can be used to help educate students. Unfortunately, in the past there has been one major issue: headsets and microphones designed for one particular device rarely worked on other devices.

With the introduction of The Trios by Hamilton Buhl, that all changes. With high-quality specifications to ensure quality audio playback as well as an excellent microphone, The Trios differs from other devices because it offers compatibility between devices in addition to other features designed specifically for educators and students. Here’s what you need to know: 

Fully Compatible With All Devices 

If you are a teacher and have a classroom full of headsets you may have already noticed that trying to use a headset that plugs into a computer does not work on other devices like tablets, mobile phones, or other media players.
The Trios Multimedia set changes that by including a multi-function plug that will work on almost every major device you could need headphones on. With 3 jacks, the headset can easily be plugged into a computer (both PC and MAC) or eventually moved to work on a mobile device like an iPad without needing any adapters. 

High-Quality Headset and Microphone 

It is more than just the cross-platform compatibility that makes The Trios by Hamilton Buhl the perfect choice for teachers and educators—it is also one of the most advanced headphone and microphone combinations on the market today.
The microphone on The Trios has high sensitivity to easily pick up voices even if your students are quiet or shy. The speakers inside the headphones are 40 millimeter ABS speakers that can handle a wide range of frequencies, perfect for any classroom environment.

The headset also features an over-the-ear design for the ear cushions. This allows the headset to fit easily on students of any size. Additionally, the ear cushion helps to block out sound from other sources which means your students will be able to focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. Headphone volume can be adjusted quickly and easily on the side of the ear cushions themselves for convenient sound level control.

Dura-Cord and Anti-Lice Protection, Perfect For Young Students 

Unlike other headsets on available today, HamiltonBuhl wanted to create a headset that was perfect for students of all ages. The braided Dura-Cord design of the headset is created to withstand twisting, folding, and even biting to ensure even young children do not accidently harm the cord.

Both the headband and the ear cushions are covered in soft leatherette so the headphones are comfortable to wear. With each headset, you also receive a storage bag. By placing the headset into the storage bag and sealing it, you can reduce the risk of children spreading lice. The device is made in a way that any lice on the surface of the headset will be killed when the headset is placed in the bag. 

In Conclusion

The Trios by HamiltonBuhl is one of the most effective headsets on the market today for teachers and educators that need a microphone and headphone combination that can be used for any device in your school or facility. If you are interested in purchasing  HamiltonBuhl Trios headsets for your classroom or school, visit now for more information!
Trios Classroom Headset

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