Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wireless Listening Center with Wireless Multi-Channeled Transmitter and Headphones

Wireless Headphones and Listening Center
Wireless Listening Center | Helps Teachers Eliminate Wires

This Wireless listening system is widely used in schools & libraries around the globe as a highly effective listening solution to students located in any corner of the room. This wireless headphone solution helps you eliminate the excessive number of wires when using several headphones at the same time all while delivering a quality, efficient and comfortable alternative to traditional wired listening centers.

When you enter a learning environment, the last thing you would like to see is a bunch of cords and wires all over. This wireless listening system is designed to create a safe, clean and well-organized learning space where audio learning activities take place.

With this new wireless technology in your school, you can give students a comfortable learning environment that helps them focus on the educational activity and lessons such as language learning programs. This package comes with a wireless transmitter and 12 wireless headphones that allow several students to access the listening system simultaneously.
This premium wireless listening system, manufactured by Hamilton Buhl, is simple and easy to use. The wireless transmitter connects to the audio source with the help of 1/8" standard stereo adapter. It transmits the sound to the wireless headphones through the FM signal. Its maximum transmission range is 300 feet. This set consists of 12 wireless school headphones that enable the ability to connect 12 students to be part of the listening session at the same time. This set also includes a durable storage case where you can store your listening center safely and quickly to prevent accidental damage.

It works on four different frequencies that can be selected based on your needs. You can also add additional transmitters that help you to enjoy 4 different audio channels at the same time and is an ideal solution for your multimedia and classroom applications.

The feedback we have received has been tremendously positive, the students really enjoy the superb quality sound and excellent listening experience without any wires or interference.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like additional information on wireless listening centers for schools, please visit today. Discover a number of different solutions desiged specifically for education to ensure you are able to discover the model works best for your specific situation. is dedicated to helping teachers and educators discover the perfect wireless listening center for your schoools, classrooms and libraries. We also have a large selection of school headphones, school headsets and other classroom technology designed for use in educational environments.


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