Wednesday, November 9, 2016

School Earbuds for Student Testing

Earbuds for School Testing
We receive a number of questions from educators and teachers asking about the potential option of using earbuds for school testing requirements. One of the most asked questions we get is, will they work with our existing computers or mobile devices? The good news is that most earbuds will work with any device that is equipped with a standard headphone jack which is 3.5mm (1/8”)

There are several different options and types to consider including school earbuds with in-line mic. School earbuds with an in-line mic are ideal for use with interactive education and testing applications. They are also compatible with tablets and other mobile devices that have a single TRRS plug.

A TRRS plug is a single plug that controls both the headphone and the microphone in a single plug. For example, iPads, Chromebooks and new laptops are typically equipped with a single TRRS headphone jack. Older computers and some laptops required dual plugs if you’re looking to use a school headset with microphone.

Another thing to consider when purchasing earbuds for students is whether you want earpads or not. It may seem like a simple choice, but you can choose from earbuds without earpads or choose soft foam, silicone or soft rubber ear tips. Some choose earbuds without any earpads because they are typically the most affordable option and you eliminate the chance of having a foam ear tip fall off and they are easily cleaned. Some teachers prefer foam or silicone earpads because they provide a comfortable, lightweight fit for students.

One of the most popular choices is earbuds with silicone or rubber ear tips. This is because they tend to stay in place better while in use. They can also help reduce ambient noise while providing a sleek    comfortable fit. They cost a more than earbuds without earpads but to some, they are worth the extra investment depending on your situation.

Another question we receive quite often is “how can I get the most out of limited-use or disposable earbuds?” This is a great question, often times, due to limited budget, teachers and educators will take extra steps to extend the life of these affordable school earbuds. We always recommend investing in the higher end earbuds which tend to be more durable and cost more but they are ideal if you plan to use them for multiple sessions or extended use outside of testing applications. As a result, we recommend getting re-sealable sandwich bags so they can be stored individually to help maximize the life-cycle of the earbuds you select. We also recommend picking up extra pairs so you have them on hand if they are accidentally damaged or lost.

Combining orders and ordering extra sets are a great way to extend the budget because you save on shipping and you are prepared for any un-expected damage or surprises when it’s time to begin testing.

Choosing the right earbud for your specific application and testing requirements can help extend your school budget and ensure compatibility with your existing devices and computers. We hope you found this information valuable.

The Learning Headphones team is here to help if you have any questions, please contact our friendly team and we can help you find exactly what you need. If you are considering earbuds for school testing. we offer education and volume discounts and we accept purchase orders. If you need a W9 form or a free quote. Consider for all of your school headphones, earbuds, headsets and classroom technology needs.

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