Thursday, March 16, 2017

Single Plug TRRS school headset with Mic

School Headsets at Learning Headphones

A single plug TRRS headset with mic is designed for use by tablets, iPods, iPads, Chrombooks, computers, phones. Devices that have one headphone jack that supports both the speaker and the microphone and this is called a TRRS plug. If you are a teacher or educator looking for school headsets for these kinds of devices, these headsets are perfect. Many teachers and students prefer School Headsets with Mic since they present tremendous convenience and they can help to make the learning experience more enjoyable and fun.

School headsets that are equipped with a microphone enable students to get the most out of things like language learning experiences, video conferencing with other students and it can help make testing more convenient.  Once they are on they enable a hands free listening experience so the student can take notes or look for references at the same time.

One example is the Advanced School Headset with Mic at Learning Headphones. It is a single plug TRRS school headset designed with a chew resistant cord for increased durability. They are created to be lightweight and they offer a comfortable design. They are also available in a number of different colors that help make them stylish and attractive.

Advanced School Headset at Learning Headphones

They feature an over-the-head design that has a padded headband and soft earpads to ensure a comfortable fit for students in various age groups. The microphone is adjustable to provide clear and precise communication and they can easily fold up for times when the audio learning activities does not require the use of a mic. 

There are several additional options and models of school headsets that can be found at Learning Headphones. The important thing is making sure that the product is meet or exceed your needs and be compatible with your existing devices. 

Extending the Life of your School Headphones

With large class sizes, keeping students on task pose a challenge and makes it hard for a teacher to thoroughly monitor the use of school headsets by their students. Lack of supervision, wrong usage of the headsets, and playful nature of some students, greatly reduce the life span of school headsets. Though there are many school headsets with Mic that go for as low as $10, inappropriate and uncontrolled use of such headsets may lead to more frequent replacements. Costs associated with such replacements can be very high in the long run. Creating a plan and encouraging a list of best practices for using the headsets can go a long way in increasing the lifespan. The Learning Headphones team has put together a list to get you started here: School Headphones Care Instructions

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